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Lún MEGA D45 Disc Brake Wheelset

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Lún MEGA – our revolutionary new flagship wheelset. When we first unleashed Lún HYPER, it was the culmination of tireless engineering efforts, pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible for a road bike wheelset. But we couldn’t stop there; we dared to dream bigger and bolder, setting our sights on creating something even more spectacular…The result? Lún MEGA!

The stand-out feature is the Halo Spokes. They’re a game-changer and have allowed us to create a wheelset with our highest ever stiffness to weight ratio.

46mm Front / 54mm Rear F-RAPID Rim Profiles
21mm Internal Width (External: F: 27.6mm; R: 27.8mm)
Carbon Spokes
Ceramic Bearings
Tubeless Ready (Clincher Compatible)
Optimized for 25-28mm Tires
1375g (±25g per wheel)
Disc Brake
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Lún MEGA: Redefining Limits

Introducing Lún MEGA – our revolutionary new flagship wheelset. When we first unleashed Lún HYPER, it was the culmination of tireless engineering efforts, pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible for a road bike wheelset. But we couldn’t stop there; we dared to dream bigger and bolder, setting our sights on creating something even more spectacular.

Lún MEGA - Revolutionary Wheelset Image

Lún MEGA is the fruit of that audacious vision. We tasked our engineers with a seemingly impossible challenge: to design a wheelset that surpasses Lún HYPER in stiffness, lightness, and speed. With unwavering determination, they returned to the drawing board, exploring every possibility to craft the ultimate performance wheelset.

Lún MEGA Wheelset Design Engineers

The dedicated team experimented with lighter rims, smaller hub flanges, fewer spokes, and stiffer materials in a relentless quest to overcome the paradoxical conundrum they faced: reducing weight often compromised stiffness, while enhancing stiffness led to increased weight, and neither option guaranteed a faster wheelset.

Lún MEGA Halo Spokes

But through sheer perseverance and ingenuity, our engineers defied the odds and triumphed with Lún MEGA. This cutting-edge wheelset stands as a testament to human innovation and our ceaseless desire to push the limits of possibility. Prepare to be amazed as Lún MEGA takes the cycling world by storm, elevating your road biking experience to unparalleled heights!

Lún MEGA Synergy of Performance and Comfort

Halo Spokes

Our journey to transcend the boundaries of conventional wheelset design demanded nothing short of revolutionary thinking. The breakthrough emerged with a complete reinvention of the spokes. Traditional carbon spokes, mimicking their steel counterparts, featured individual spokes connected by metal interfaces at both ends. Though lighter and stiffer than steel spokes, this approach failed to leverage the full potential of carbon fiber’s unique properties and its capacity to form intricate shapes. Thus, we pioneered our groundbreaking Halo Spokes.

Lún MEGA Spoke Repairability

Halo Spokes are our patented answer to the age-old dilemma of balancing stiffness and weight. Coupled with the innovative Lún MEGA hub, these cutting-edge spokes empower our latest wheelset to be over 50 grams lighter than the Lún HYPERs, while also outperforming them in stiffness tests conducted in our state-of-the-art lab.

Lún MEGA Star Ratchet System

But our ultimate goal transcends lab performance. We engineer wheels to dominate on the road, fueled by an insatiable drive to redefine the frontiers of wheelset engineering and empower you to shatter your own performance limits. Lún MEGA was meticulously crafted for the detail-obsessed cyclist, hungry to extract every last drop of performance from both themselves and their equipment. This race day wheelset is engineered for those moments when results matter most, propelling you to victory with unparalleled performance and speed.

Lún MEGA F-RAPID Rim Profiles

Leveraging the interconnected design of our revolutionary Halo Spokes, forces are distributed across the entire wheelset, creating an unparalleled synergy of performance and comfort. This ingenious configuration not only delivers the lightning-fast acceleration that carbon spokes are renowned for but also a remarkably smooth ride. Road vibrations are now evenly dispersed throughout the wheel, rather than being channeled directly into the bike, significantly reducing road buzz compared to our Lún HYPER wheels.

Lún MEGA - The Ultimate Wheelset

This remarkable reduction in road buzz presents a game-changing choice: either elevate tire pressure for reduced rolling resistance or indulge in a more comfortable ride, ultimately minimizing fatigue during the race, leaving you fresh to harness every ounce of your potential, propelling you across the finish line with unbridled speed and unwavering endurance. With Lún MEGA, experience the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and uncompromising performance, redefining the limits of what’s possible on two wheels.

Lún MEGA Engineers at Work

At the core of our design philosophy, performance reigns supreme. However, we recognize that a superior wheelset must also be practical and conscientiously designed. Traditional wheels with integrated carbon spokes often necessitate complete destruction or return to the manufacturer for repair in the event of a single broken spoke or a wheel falling out of true. Lún MEGA, on the other hand, redefines this paradigm.

Lún MEGA Halo Spokes

Our innovative Lún MEGA wheelset features spokes that interface with the rim via a spoke nipple, ensuring that if the wheel goes out of true, it can be easily re-trued by any competent bike mechanic. In the rare instance of a broken spoke, the wheel can be rebuilt by replacing the Halo Spokes on one side of the wheel. While this may not be a roadside repair, all of our global service centers can perform this procedure, ultimately saving you from discarding an otherwise perfectly functional wheel.

Lún MEGA Repairable Spoke Design

Star Ratchet System

In our relentless pursuit of unrivaled speed, we embarked on an exhaustive journey to unlock the full potential of the MEGA wheelset. Every conceivable avenue was explored, and every minute detail scrutinized for opportunities to optimize performance. Our dedication to excellence led us to employ exotic materials typically reserved for the most demanding applications.

Lún MEGA Star Ratchet System

For instance, the freehub star ratchet is crafted from a titanium alloy usually found gracing the aerospace industry. This cutting-edge choice of material demonstrates our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in order to engineer the ultimate wheelset.

Lún MEGA F-RAPID Rim Profiles

Speaking of the star ratchet. The ratchet and pawl system of Lún HYPER has been upgraded to a star ratchet system featuring 36 teeth. This gives a 10 degree engagement angle, but also results in a more sophisticated sound of the freehub body. Not something we set out to achieve, but a pleasant side effect. So with Lún MEGA, you’ll not only benefit from cutting-edge engineering and exceptional performance but also enjoy the added bonus of an unmistakable and elegant soundtrack as you conquer the road with unmatched speed and precision.

Lún MEGA - The Ultimate Choice

F-RAPID Design

Throughout the development of Lún MEGA, one guiding principle remained steadfast: no change would be made for the sake of change alone. Every modification had to be firmly grounded in scientific evidence, ensuring that every aspect of the wheelset was purposefully designed and meticulously refined.

Lún MEGA Engineers at Work

In adherence to this rule, the rim profiles of the Lún MEGA wheelset remain identical to those featured on the Lún HYPER wheels. Our F-RAPID rim profiles have been proven time and time again, both through rigorous testing and innumerable real-world victories, to deliver exceptional speed and stability. As such, these race-winning rim profiles have been confidently selected as the final, indispensable component of the Lún MEGA wheelset.

Lún MEGA Halo Spokes

With Lún MEGA, you can trust that every detail has been carefully considered and crafted to provide the perfect blend of innovation, performance, and proven success, empowering you to break boundaries and redefine the limits of what’s possible on the road, making it the ultimate choice for discerning cyclists who demand the very best from their equipment.


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