The Hyper 3 wheel series is the pinnacle of performance cycling


The Hyper 3 wheel series is the pinnacle of performance cycling

Hyper 3 Wheels

The Hyper 3 wheel series is the pinnacle of performance cycling

T1550 2nd Gen. Frameset

Born to race, the new generation T1550 takes everything to the next level.

Agile and C5

Introducing two fresh additions to our frame lineup.

New And Demo Bikes

Limited offer on all new and demo bikes

Lún Wheels

Our in-house wheel brand “Lún Wheels” has a wide range of road & gravel performance wheels


 From the T1550 to the SLC for those climbs and the G2 for those who like it rough.


Get ready for a ride like never before with Winspace South Africa™ !
Dare to be different and create your one-of-a-kind bike with our exceptional frames and wheelsets.
Start your journey towards an extraordinary cycling experience with the perfect foundation for a truly unique build.

Announcement: New Arrivals: The Agile and C5 Winspace Frames

Winspace South Africa ™  News

About Winspace South Africa™

At Winspace South Africa ™ , we believe that each bike is unique and has its own story to tell. Our passion for cycling drives us to create exceptional bikes and wheelsets that are not just mass-produced products. As avid cyclists ourselves, we continuously refine and improve our products based on our own experiences and the feedback of professional athletes. Our bikes have been raced at the highest levels, from UCI Continental races to the Olympic games, and seeing them in action all around the world brings us great joy. So why settle for anything less? Let us deliver your brand new, custom-built Winspace cycle right to your doorstep and experience cycling like never before.

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Our flagship wheelset

Performance road wheelset. Filament-wound rim, carbon spokes and ceramic bearings


Race-ready wheelset

A performance wheelset designed to offer the best bang for your buck.


Lightweight gravel wheels

A gravel focused wheelset with a wide internal rim width available in 650B or 700C.


All-out Aero Race Bike

Our race-ready frame, designed for speed and control, blends carbon fiber tech with aggressive geometry


Climbing Weapon from 780g.

Our light-weight climbing frame option, is designed to go fast when the road gets steep.


Build it Your Way

Our versatile gravel frameset. With clearance for upto 700*50C tires, the build options are almost endless.


At Winspace South Africa™, we are excited to offer a fantastic collection of road and gravel LUN performance wheels that cater to all riders and races. Our range includes top-notch aluminum and carbon wheels, each of which boasts superior quality and performance.

For those looking for speed and agility, our Carbon race LUN performance wheels are ultra-lightweight and provide exceptional acceleration. Meanwhile, our Aluminum Road LUN performance wheels are a more cost-effective option for riders seeking a balance between price and performance.

No matter which option you choose, you can trust that each wheel is meticulously designed and crafted with precision engineering and premium materials. Our commitment to quality ensures that you’ll experience unparalleled durability and performance, ride after ride. So why wait? Explore our selection of LUN performance wheels today and experience the difference for yourself.


At Winspace South Africa™, we bring over a decade of expertise in designing and crafting carbon fiber race bikes. Our T1500 is a no-holds-barred UCI Approved race bike with aggressive geometry and aero tubing that delivers the ultimate performance for the win. If steep climbs are your thing, the SLC is the ideal choice, designed to conquer any ascent with ease. For those who love rough terrain, our G2 is the perfect starting point for a gravel or all-road build, delivering unmatched versatility and durability. Trust in our years of experience and expertise to take your riding experience to the next level.


Customized Gravel and Road Bicycles

Discover tailor-made gravel and road bicycles, built to your exact specifications for a truly personalized riding experience.

LUN performance Wheels – Aluminum and Carbon

Custom-built aluminum and carbon wheels, meticulously crafted to enhance your cycling performance and style

Accessories and Parts

Find the perfect accessories and parts to take your cycling game to the next level, with a wide selection of high-quality options for every need and preference.

Winspace Cycling Events

Race, ride, and connect with fellow Winspace enthusiasts. Join us for unforgettable cycling experiences!

T1550 AERO

The T1550 is a top-of-the-line racing bike perfect for serious cyclists and professional racers. This bike is built with speed as its primary focus and incorporates the latest in aerodynamic design, lightweight materials, stiffness, and comfort. Designed by a team with experience in multiple fields including Formula One, the T1550 is expertly engineered to cut through the air efficiently, resulting in higher speeds with less effort. With the added option of disc brakes and fully internal cables, this bike not only looks fast but performs at an elite level.


The G2 bike is designed for any adventure with its progressive geometry that inspires confidence and clearance for up to 50mm tires. This makes it a versatile choice for both seasoned gravel racers and road cyclists who want to venture beyond the pavement. The bike’s frame is optimized for stability and comfort on a range of terrains, while its tire clearance enhances its ability to handle rough roads and trails. Whether you’re an experienced adventurer or just starting out, the G2 is a great choice for your next ride.



The SLC2.0 is the second iteration of our highly-acclaimed Super Light Climber. Specifically built for conquering mountains, this bike boasts an incredibly lightweight frame of only 780g, designed to ensure every ounce of power is transferred with maximum efficiency through its ultra layup technology. With asymmetric chainstays and a bottom bracket, the SLC2.0 is tailored to handle the most robust of climbers, providing exceptional power transfer. When it comes to descending, the SLC2.0 is equipped with a choice of direct mount rim brakes or flat mount disc brakes, giving riders confidence and control.

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