Hyper 3 Wheels


The Hyper 3 wheel series is the pinnacle of performance cycling, combining advanced materials and innovative design to deliver unparalleled speed and efficiency. The 2023 Hyper 3 wheels are engineered for superior aerodynamics, weight savings, and increased stiffness, making them ideal for both professional racers and dedicated enthusiasts.

Key Features

  • New Generation Performance: The Hyper 3 series offers a significant performance upgrade over previous models, including a 2.2-watt saving at 48 km/h.
  • Increased Stiffness: Lateral and drivetrain stiffness are increased by 10%, providing more efficient power transfer.
  • Optimized Aerodynamics: Wider carbon spokes and improved rim design reduce wind resistance.


Model D33 D45 D67
Rim Appearance UD Black Finish – White Decal UD Black Finish – White Decal UD Black Finish – White Decal
Weight 1291g 1383g 1500g
Spoke Type Carbon Spokes Carbon Spokes Carbon Spokes
Brake Disc Brake Disc Brake Disc Brake
Internal Rim Width 23mm 23mm 23mm
External Rim Width 28.4mm 28.4mm 28.3mm
Rim Height 35mm (Front), 46mm (Rear) 46mm (Front), 54mm (Rear) 60mm (Front), 68mm (Rear)
Spokes 20pcs (Front), 21pcs (Rear) 20pcs (Front), 21pcs (Rear) 20pcs (Front), 21pcs (Rear)
Hub Structure Ratchet System Ratchet System Ratchet System
Bearings Ceramic Bearing Ceramic Bearing Ceramic Bearing
Tire Compatibility Tubeless / Clincher Tubeless / Clincher Tubeless / Clincher
Freehub Body Shimano/XDR/CP/N3W Shimano/XDR/CP/N3W Shimano/XDR/CP/N3W
Min. Tire Size 25mm 25mm 25mm
Max. Tire Size 47mm 47mm 47mm
Max. Tire Pressure 120psi 120psi 120psi
Rim Material Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Toray T700 Carbon Fiber

Advanced Design Elements

Titanium Hub Components Titanium is widely used in aerospace for its high strength, lightweight, and abrasion resistance, making it perfect for the hub’s lifetime use.

Enhanced Rim Design With updated manufacturing processes, the new hook edge is 47% shorter than the previous generation, and the inner rim width is widened to 23mm. This design better accommodates 30mm or wider tires, forming a better seal for optimized tubeless performance.

Wider Carbon Spokes The latest generation of wider carbon spokes in the Hyper 3 series enhances aerodynamic performance by reducing wind resistance.

Weight Savings

  • D35/D45: 35g lighter compared to the previous generation.
  • D67: 16g lighter compared to the previous generation.


The Hyper 3 wheels are designed for cyclists who demand the best. With cutting-edge technology, superior materials, and meticulous engineering, these wheels deliver unmatched performance and reliability on the road. Whether you’re racing or training, the Hyper 3 wheels provide the speed, efficiency, and durability you need to perform at your best.

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