Racing for a Cause: Kevin Scholtz Takes on Alzu Tour de Farm in Winspace Kit


In the heart of South Africa, the Alzu Tour de Farm mountain bike race is about to kick off, and the excitement is palpable. One athlete, in particular, is gearing up to take on this challenging race, and he’s not just in it for the thrill of the ride. Kevin Scholtz, proudly donning his black Winspace kit, is on a mission to make a difference, and you’re about to find out how.

The Heart of the Race: Giving Back to Middelburg’s Children:

The Alzu Tour de Farm is more than just a mountain bike race. It’s a community-driven event rooted in the desire to give back to the children of Middelburg, a local town in South Africa. The race not only unites cycling enthusiasts but also serves a noble purpose – supporting the youth in need.

Race Details: Fun for the Whole Family:

This family-oriented event offers a variety of distance categories, catering to riders of all levels: Marathon, Half-Marathon, and a Fun Race. If you’re interested in joining the excitement, you can find more information about the event and registration details on the Alzu Tour de Farm official website. With substantial prize money on the line, it attracts competitive cyclists from all corners of South Africa, drawing between 1000 and 1500 participants each year. It’s not just a race; it’s a celebration of cycling and community spirit.

Kevin Scholtz racing in his Winspace kit at the Alzu Tour de Farm.

Beneficiaries: Making a Real Impact

The funds generated by the Alzu Tour de Farm go towards assisting youngsters from disadvantaged communities, ensuring they have the resources they need to complete their education. Beneficiaries include institutions like Middelburg Primary School, Middelburg Hoërskool, and Care Village, the local orphanage. Through this race, lives are changed, and futures are shaped.

Kevin Scholtz and Winspace Cycles SA: A Winning Partnership

What sets this year’s Alzu Tour de Farm apart is the involvement of Kevin Scholtz, an athlete with a deep passion for cycling and giving back. He’ll be racing in his striking black Winspace kit, showcasing the support of Winspace South Africa™.Winspace Cycles SA, the official dealer of Winspace Cycles in South Africa. It’s a partnership that not only reflects Kevin’s dedication to the sport but also his commitment to the community.

Exceptional Title, Exceptional Cause

In conclusion, the Alzu Tour de Farm isn’t just the fastest mountain bike race in South Africa; it’s a beacon of hope for the children of Middelburg. This exceptional event brings together passionate riders like Kevin Scholtz, who are dedicated to creating a positive impact on their community.

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