What You Need to Know Before Buying Carbon Wheels in 2024: Insights from Lún Performance’s Factory Tour

In 2024, the perception of “Made in China” has evolved significantly. When considering the purchase of a carbon wheelset, whether from a Chinese manufacturer or a renowned Western brand, it’s essential to understand the factors that truly matter.


The carbon fiber industry has seen tremendous growth, with many of the world’s leading brands outsourcing their manufacturing to China and other countries. This shift has led to advancements in quality and technology, making “Made in China” a mark of innovation rather than a drawback.

Take, for example, Lún Performance. In a recent documentary, Jasper Verkuijl had the opportunity to visit their facilities in Xiamen, China, to witness firsthand how their wheels are crafted from raw fiber to a fully assembled and quality-controlled wheelset. Lún Performance is at the forefront of technology with their flagship MEGA wheelset, boasting a cutting-edge HALO spoke design that sets them apart from the competition.

Join Jasper Verkuijl on his journey to explore the impressive advancements in carbon wheelset manufacturing and discover why “Made in China” now represents high standards and technological prowess.

Jasper traveled to Xiamen, China, to learn how carbon bikes are made. Winspace, a leading carbon bike manufacturer, invited him to visit their head office and factories. During his visit, he got to see the entire process, from raw materials to finished bikes. In this two-part documentary, he shares his experiences and insights, including how the bikes are designed, manufactured, and tested for quality. Join him on this amazing journey to discover the world of high-performance carbon bikes!

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